The Swallowtail Butterfly

The Swallowtail is a butterfly that is found in the Norfolk broads area. Swallowtails are striking butterflies and strong fast flyers. The large yellow and black wings have a protruding tail, resembling that of a swallow. With a wingspan of around 10 centimetres, they are the largest resident butterfly in the UK. Britain has its own race of swallowtails (Papilio machaon britannicus) that is only found in the fens and marshes of the Norfolk Broads. The European race (Papilio machaon gorganus) is quite common and is found all over Europe, Asia and even North America.

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Many businesses and organisations use the swallow tail name and image, including Swallowtail ale .

Unfortunately reintroducing the butterflies to Wicken Fen in Cambridgeshire was not successful

Swallowtails can be seen at Strumpshaw Fen, and the swimming club has organised visits there in the past.